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Safe Serve Course Overview
About Alcohal Servers Training and Certification Safe Serve is designed by Food Safety Solutions for the F & B Captains, Bartenders & F & B Servers engaged in serving alcoholic beverages whether in the hotel industry or running their own business Safe Serve is a course that would help you serve better. It is about educating people who work in the alcohol industry whether they are involved in selling, serving or are just a part of it. The course is aimed at making them aware and educated enough to serve it in a responsible manner.

"Safe Serve aims at promoting a sense of responsibility in all those who are directly or indirectly related to the liquor industry. It has been formulated for the safety of those who consume it and for educating as well as training those who serve it." It contains all the required texts and materials which are at par with the industrial standards.

It is an important requirement in the times when there are innumerable mishaps happening due to intoxication to the highest limits. There needs to be an awakening in the minds of those who consume and those who serve.

Course Materials are provided through post and online access also and final exams are conducted online.

Eligibility Degree / Diploma or Equivalent Experience like:
- 1 Year Bar Tender's Course
- Apprenticeship from hotels F&B Service department
Course Fee 5000/- | Click here to Register & Order
Online Exam & Certification Fee 5000/- | Click here to Register for Exam
Registration Process
  • Complete the registration form or click the "Register for this course" button. This will activate your profile and guide you to get registered. We accept payment in the form of Debit Card / Credit Card / Demand Draft / Money Order & online transaction ID.
  • Once we receive the completed registration along with proof of payment (Rs.5000/-) FSS will send you the Course Material (Book) to the address provided by you on the registration form.
Certification Process
  • FSS recommends you to take the Online Exam for Certification within 6 months.
  • When you are ready to take the exam, you need to apply for the Online exam & Certification fee is Rs.5000/- (Complete the Exam registration form)
  • Once FSS receives the Online Exam course fees through Debit Card / Credit Card / Demand Draft / Money Order or online transaction, we will issue a username & password enabling you to log in.
  • Login screen is in the home page for your convenience.
  • When you login, you will see three phases. Phase 1 and 2 include the modules and sample examination papers. Phase 1 modules are downloadable which can assist you in your revision. Phase 2 cannot be downloaded. It is for practice only. ( As a courtesy we can send Course material via post if you request )
  • Simply click 'Final Exam' button and you will be on your way to get certified.
  • Time duration for the final exam is 1 hour; click 'Submit' as soon as you have completed the exam.
  • Your result will be displayed immediately and the passing marks are 60%.
  • In case you score below 60%, you need to re-take the test by requesting for final exam once again. Just follow the procedure once more but be well prepared this time!
  • After you complete your examination successfully with a 60% or above score, an e-number would be issued to you as a confirmation for successful completion.
  • The course completion certificate will be mailed to you within 2 weeks.
Advantages of Safe Serve Certification
  • Attainment of Safe Serve Certificate considered an equivalent to the highest standards.
  • This course would help you bring a reduction in the dangers resulting because of wrong drinking pattern, over consumption and under age drinking.
  • Staff training would help build up confidence of the staff in maintaining discipline in the drinking premises, reducing violence caused due to it and lesser liability towards the customers.
  • It will enhance your skills, professionalism and which would lead to higher industrial standards.
  • In depth knowledge of liquor laws resulting in responsible handling.
  • This certification is also considered as a requirement in most of the organizations these days and the ones possessing it are considered one up than the rest.
  • It is available online 24 hours a day for the convenience of the learners.
  • There are no tutorial, travel or additional staff costs attached.
  • One can start or stop training whenever he/she likes in 6 months.
Title Duration Format Exam Type
Alcohol servers Training course

- Safe Serve (AST - Course Certificate)
- For all Alcohol servers like Bartenders/Restaurant staff
- Certificate after completion
- Course Details>>

6 Months Book Online