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Safe Serve Course Contents
Safe Handz Food Safety Training and Certification One of the most convenient methods of studying is E-learning. Food Safety Solutions has introduced these online courses keeping in mind the comfort of the individuals who can study without ignoring other important aspects of their life. The online course of Safe Serve encompasses all the required training materials and techniques that aim at making people aware and conscious about alcohol safety.

There are 5 modules which a student has to cover in order to get qualified and attain a Safe Serve certificate. The module details have been mentioned below:
Module 1
  • Types of Licenses with their purposes.
  • Possession limit for liquor.
  • Temporary license for a day for parties, functions, conference etc.
  • About Dry days
  • Age limits for consuming alcoholic beverages
Module 2
  • Types of alcoholic beverages.
  • Alcohol content in alcoholic beverages.
  • Nature of different alcoholic beverages.
  • The right temperatures required to serve wine.
  • Proper Equipments, glasses and other accessories required for serving alcoholic beverages
  • Bar measurements and standard drinks
  • Measurement of Alcohol strength
  • BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)
  • How to use a BAC chart
  • Effects of alcohol at different stages
  • Effects of alcohol on human body.
  • Identifying the Signs of intoxication
  • Other factors to consider
Module 4
  • Responsibility and the rights of Bartenders and Servers.
  • How to Maintain a Safe Environment in places where alcohol is served.
  • Age Identification /method of identification
  • Assessing & monitoring guests.
  • Preventing Intoxication.
  • Techniques to stop serving the guests.
  • Rights to reject guests
  • Methods of dealing with intoxicated guests
  • Techniques of getting intoxicated guests home.
  • Methods of dealing with the guests who arrive intoxicated.
  • Filling up the incident report.
Module 5
  • Personal Hygiene and Sanitation of Bartender/Server